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Unique Websites for Churches

Posted by Ginger in Web Services, Wordpress on Feb 25, 2019

All churches are unique, and need to express a unique identity to visitors and members online. That's why no church should settle for a cookie-cutter website.

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Wordpress 5.0, Gutenberg and Your Website

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Nov 14, 2018

What is Gutenberg and what should you do to prepare? Wordpress sees its latest update as the path to secure its future. Find out why.

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Website Backups Are Your First Line of Defense

Posted by Lee Heidel in Software on Sep 07, 2018

While there are many things you can do to strengthen your website's security against a malicious hack, it is important to have website backups on hand and be ready if a worst-case scenario hits your site.

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Using 'Click to Call' Links to Empower Mobile Users

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Aug 30, 2018

Sometimes, it's better to talk to a person than visit a link. Learn how to create "Click to Call" links for your website.

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What is the Best Way to Show Videos on My Website?

Posted by Ginger in Blogging, Software on Apr 18, 2018

One question we often get from clients - what's the best way to show videos on my website? Should I upload the video file directly to a page? Or should I use a third-party streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo? Our answer: let the third-party streaming services do all the work for you. Here's why.

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Just Launched: ButlerTech.org

Posted by Ginger in Wordpress on Mar 30, 2018

Before a student ever sets foot on a college campus, many will browse the school's website. Does your website portray a modern, professional personality? One that is welcoming and vibrant? We invite you to look at one of our recent projects, ButlerTech.org.

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Just Launched: GaPHA.org

Posted by Ginger in Public Health, Wordpress on Feb 01, 2018

GPHA wanted to begin 2018 with a design refresh. The organization was looking for a more modern aesthetic, better content organization, and a way to showcase its online journal, the jGPHA.

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Your Questions Answered

Posted by Ginger in Heideldesign, Web Services on Jan 24, 2018

If you're interested in a website quote, here are answers to common questions about how we operate at Heideldesign.

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Google Chrome to Require HTTPS Beginning in October 2017

Posted by Lee Heidel in Search Engine Optimization on Aug 18, 2017 | No Comments

Beginning in October 2017, Google's Chrome web browser will begin flagging any website that includes form fields as "NOT SECURE" if the page is not served via HTTPS. We hope you find the FAQ below helpful in understanding this...

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Restaurant Websites: A Feast for the Eyes

Posted by Ginger in Web Services, Wordpress on Aug 07, 2017 | No Comments

Heideldesign just launched 4 new restaurant websites for Gaslight Group in Savannah. The designs focus on mouth-watering food photography, and offer easy access to info like location, hours and menu to convert web visitors into restaurant patrons.

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